Becoming a day trader must sound exciting. After all, every day you read about someday trader making millions with the help of some secret recipe. However, the truth is never as glamorous as they want you to believe. Every day, there are new launches of courses, software, seminars and other ways to make money through day trading.

It’s possible to make a lot of money through day trading but it’s not that easy. You will find ample information about various ways to trade your way to millions but more often than not, these turn out to be empty promises and nothing else. There are hundreds of thousands of websites dedicated to providing information about how to make money with day trading but you should be smart enough to realize that they are in the business of selling that information to you.

If they knew so much about making money with trading, they would be busy minting millions with their secrets, with their techniques and tips. You need to pay attention to the basics. Here is a list of some of the important day trading tips you should always keep in mind to become a successful day trader.

First and foremost, you require some kind of trading education. The best way to get the right education is through a mentor. Find a mentor and you will be on the path to success. A good mentor will help you recognize your weaknesses and how you should divide your trading budget to remain safe and have enough money to make trades even when some of your trades go south.

If you are unable to find a mentor, start reading about different techniques. While most websites dedicated to day trading tips are trying to sell you something, they also offer a lot of valuable information. You need to focus on their content and not on the courses they are trying to sell. It is also recommended to open an account with a well-respected broker. Most brokers offer dummy trading platforms wherein you can practice your skills at no cost. It is important to get well versed with the trading program of your choice and to learn how different factors affect the prices of the assets you are planning to trade.

It’s also important to choose the financial assets you want to trade. Some people are experts in foreign exchange whereas others like to trade stocks or bonds or other types of financial instruments. You should read up on different types of financial assets available for day trading and then pick one of these to practice your skills before you put some real money in day trading.

One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is that they go all in once they have secured a few wins. It’s very tempting but it’s not the right way. You should always have a set limit when it comes to profit or loss in a trade. You should always get out of a position once you have achieved your goal. To make money consistently, you need to learn when to cut your losses. This is the secret behind the success of most day traders. They try to win big and they also know when to cut their losses.

Overall, becoming a day trader is easy but becoming a successful day trader is extremely difficult. You should start small and try to learn as much as you can on Trade Ideas Promo Code before you get into day trading.


As fast as a viable trade idea comes to the surface, the market moves on. When looking at specific moves to make, you don’t want to trust the search engines. What you’re doing is educating yourself to explore the market and come up with money-making trade ideas on your own.

For example, had you purchased GE shares a week ago, you would be selling them for nearly $2 profit apiece. A 100 block of GE shares would have netted you $200. That’s not bad on an initial requirement of less than $1000. You could have profited from selling 1 year GE puts as well.

Yet it’s not always easy to make those trade calls, right? You could be wrong, and after the stock price goes down, you’re either holding, buying more or selling for a loss. If you’re a day trader, you aren’t wanting to accumulate positions that you have to hold for too long. Yet for swing traders, a little more patience can be exercised.

To find the best moves, you really might want to use a software program that identifies certain key factors. Sales growth is a major factor. If you are going to invest in a company, you want to know that they stand above average when it comes to sales growth. That goes for long-term investors, too.

But when it comes to trade ideas, you can also simply use technical indicators if you know how to read charts. In each case, you’re going to certainly be paying attention to volume. You want to know that the volume for a specific stock is above average, and hopefully in a bullish way. Looking at those candlestick charts can help you.

Remember that people with market knowledge are going to use options to control a large number of shares. And while you are day trading or swing trading, you still want to look at a company’s history and not just its one month chart. You need as much information as possible.

If you pick stocks on a whim or with little research, you’re going to get burned. Day traders work hard to make their money. They do all of that research so that they get burned less often. Oh yes, you will lose some, but hopefully, you will win more often if you put in the time.

You also need to assess how much money you want to put into each trade. When it comes to taking risks, you want to know the entire picture. And when pulling the trigger on trade ideas, you might want to consider using stop-loss orders.

Diversity with your trades is also important, and you can bet that will keep you busy. Open up enough swing trades, and you’re going to be feeling like you’re running a full-time business. In all seriousness, do your due diligence when it comes to trades. If you search for trade ideas concerning specific tickers, the information is likely outdated, and you are late to the game. You might catch those stocks on the way down.


Buying and holding, building and gathering dividends for reinvestment purposes is always a great idea. But the temptation to trade is certainly there. After all, small gains on the daily or every few days can lead to larger gains cumulatively. You don’t have to be a day trader to make a quick buck or two.

Trade ideas can come from simply amassing more money and having a large portfolio. You can sell your positions that are on an upswing, buying back in when they tick downwards. Keep your positions that are losing money, and average down if you don’t need to cut your losses.

And then there are stock options. If you have enough money in the market, you can be writing covered calls on your positions. You make a premium at the very least, and you can instead trade those options vs allowing them to expire. You would be surprised as to how much money you can make doing that.

If you read up on trading stocks, you’re also going to learn about candlestick charts and L2 data. If you plan to day trade, however, you do need a good software program. Otherwise, you’re going to be playing too much of a guessing game. And you need some practice first, too.

Even though you’re already investing large sums of money, it would be a good idea to first practice virtual day trading. That way you can get the hang of it because it is completely different than regular investing. But again, you can simply swing trade stocks vs digging a hole that deep.

For me, that is how I prefer to approach the market. I’m a buy and hold guy, so the farthest I would typically go is swing trading for profits. And I am an options guy, too. If you’re going to invest large sums of money, you need to know options, bottom line.

Do you already use stock options? You can make some serious money selling puts. Selling naked puts is a lot riskier, but you don’t have to put up as much cash. Puts sold and covered by collateral tie up your cash, but you can still make a significant amount of money off the premium or by trading them. It’s up to you how you want to approach trading, but the quicker you book profits and look for another move, the better.

Another good trade idea is to grab shares of a company before it reporting earnings. You need to be versed enough to know what to expect. And to be truthful, it’s still a guessing game. When it comes to earnings, however, stocks are usually moving more, whether up or down.

And you do know I hope that you can make money in the market, whether stocks are moving up, down or sideways. People even have trading strategies where they buy stocks before their div ex dates and after the dividend is secure, they look to sell them for a profit. There are all kinds of great trading strategies.

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